The UK Poverty Rip Off: The poverty premium 2010

Date: 28th January 2011
Category: Family Environment and Alternative Care, Disability, Basic Health and Welfare

The UK Poverty Rip Off campaign aims to raise awareness of the shocking fact that low income families are still paying more than better off families in the UK.

Save the Children new report shows that the extra they pay for the same bills - called a poverty premium - can amount to more than £1280. This is often because families on lower incomes do not have access to the best deals. This is simply unfair. Low income families shouldn't be penalised for being poor. Save the Children's research found that for a typical low income family, the extra they pay has risen from an average of £1,000 in 2007 to £1,280 or more in 2010.

Most significant has been the rise in energy bills - and the health of low income families ultimately pays the price. The government's Warm Home Discount Scheme will offer rebates to some, but not all those who need it.

Save the Children need your help to get a fair deal for low income families and to stop the UK Poverty Rip Off. Get involved by signing their petition calling on the UK Government to make it law that all energy companies have to provide a fixed rebate under the Warm Home Discount to all vulnerable groups or raise awareness of the Poverty Premium amongst the people you work with, contacts, friends and networks.