The Woodward Charitable Trust

Date: 29th October 2010

Projects the Woodward Charitable Trust will consider funding should work with social and ethnic minority groups, including young people at risk of exclusion or isolation, refugees, asylum-seekers, gypsies and travellers, projects that promote integration and community cohesion will be favoured; prisoners and ex-offenders, homelessness, especially affecting young people and women, and covering facilities such as women's refuges, people experiencing violence or abuse, arts outreach work by local groups involving disadvantaged people and disability projects which can include rehabilitation, training or advocacy for people who are either physically disabled or learning disabled as well as help to improve employability.

Applications from environmental projects, especially with a strong educational element and addiction, including projects tackling the social exclusion elements and preventative programmes and projects supporting families of addicts are also welcome.

The next application deadline is 30 November 2010.