Diana Award

Date: 13th October 2010
Category: Respect for the views of the child

Diana Award's vision is to promote a culture that celebrates young people from all sections of society who have made a selfless contribution to their community.

By nominating a young person or group for the Diana Award you are acknowledging their commitment to helping others. Through this recognition young people are showcased as role models in your community and challenge negative perceptions of young people. Award holders help create a culture where young people are proud to serve their communities.

There are 3 award schemes:

Diana Award: For individuals aged 12-18 who have made a continued, selfless contribution to their community and have shown exceptional personal qualities.

Anti-Bullying Award: For individuals or groups aged 5-18 who have tackled bullying in their schools and communities.

Certificate of Excellence: For groups aged 12-18 who have worked together to make their communities a better place to be.

Nominate an inspirational person today by visiting the Diana Award website.