David and Elaine Potter Foundation

Date: 28th September 2010

The David and Elaine Potter Foundation is interested in lasting social change and provide funds for five areas: Education; Civil society; Research; Human rights and Arts.

Education: Supporting projects which promote education for all people and particularly ones that give opportunities to those who would otherwise be excluded.

Civil society: Supporting projects that give people opportunities to take part in and to shape society; which enable the most disadvantaged people to play a full role in developing a fair civil society; and which foster dialogue across national and cultural boundaries.

Research: A fair and strong civil society makes rational decisions and plans based on sound, well-researched information. The grants enable academic institutions to carry out high quality research that will underpin these rational choices and suggest new, fairer ways of organising society.

Human rights: Grants to organisations that defend human rights, protect individuals and campaign for change.

Arts: The foundation tends to provide small grants for its funding in the arts; however it is not a primary area of focus.

For more information including full application instructions, see the Foundation's website.