Comic Relief - International Grants Programme

Date: 28th September 2010

The UK registered charities who are active in the developing world who work closely with local organisations, especially in Africa can apply for International funding through Comic Relief.

The charities can apply for grants through a number of grant programmes these are; Trade; People Affected by HIV and AIDS; People Affected by Conflict; Street and Working Children and Young People; People Living in Urban Slums; Women and Girls; Sport for Change and the Common Ground Initiative.

Most of the grants are for between three and five years. Small grants for project research and development are usually for between 3 months and a year.

Comic Relief encourages applications for projects that include women, disabled people, people with HIV and AIDS, children and other disadvantaged groups such as older people or minority groups.

The deadline for all applications is midnight on the 22nd February 2011.

To apply visit the website.