The Endrick Trust

Date: 13th August 2010

The Endrick Trust is a Scottish Charitable Trust established in 1984 for the purpose of distributing the Trust Funds, capital and revenue, in such proportions and at such time as the Trustees in their sole discretion shall deem expedient amongst such charitable institutions in the United Kingdom as the Trustees may select and/or any charitable cause which the Trustees shall deem particularly worthy of support.

The Trust will support a range of charitable causes including the promotion of health and wellbeing, the support of resource poor countries, the support of children/youths, conservation and the arts, and the relief of suffering.

Please note that the next meeting of the Trustees is due to be held on 20 October 2010. The deadline for Applications to be considered at the next meeting is 4 October 2010.

To apply for funds from the Trust please contact Carol Anne Millar at T C Young or visit a website for more information.