Interfaith Web Forum launched

Date: 13th August 2010
Category: Respect for the views of the child, Equal protection from violence

An online interfaith discussion forum has been launched by the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland (ACPOS). The Interfaith web forum is the first of its kind to be used by police forces and partnership agencies across Scotland to gather opinions from young people of all faiths.

Its launch comes six months ahead of ACPOS' first Interfaith Youth Conference and aims to provide a platform for discussion before and after the event, which is being held in December 2010. By engaging with young people across the country, the forum will not only give them a voice to raise concerns and issues, but will be used as a basis for generating the content of the conference itself.

There are six key areas on the forum, including subjects such as the role of the media in representing faith communities and the impact of hate crime. Each area has been specifically chosen and tailored to reflect the different groups involved in the conference.

Following the event, the website will stream pod casts from the event's keynote speakers, allowing those unable to attend to listen to the content as well as contribute further to the forum and maintain an ongoing interfaith dialogue.

For more information visit the website.