Voluntary Health Scotland Manifesto - Help Us Shape the Agenda

Date: 12th July 2010
Category: Disability, Basic Health and Welfare

Voluntary Health Scotland plans to distil the broad aspirations and concerns of the sector into a Manifesto for Health to influence Scotland's political party health agendas in the run-up to the Scottish Elections in May 2011.

They are therefore calling for your own ideas and priorities for the sector in relation to health and health services - please note however that as the national third sector health intermediary body working at strategic level, VHS will focus on the broad picture, leaving particular "asks" for services to individual and thematically-focused organisations.

Please send them you ideas between now and Monday 2nd August to Helen Tyrrell. VHS will then consult further on your priorities, with a view to creating the Manifesto for Health by mid-September 2010.