Family Nurse Partnership programme tests in Edinburgh

Date: 12th July 2010
Category: Family Environment and Alternative Care, Disability, Basic Health and Welfare

The FNP programme is now being tested in Scotland and is open to all pregnant teenagers (aged 19 and under) having their first baby and living in Edinburgh.

The programme is a research-based "early intervention" starting in pregnancy and designed to support first-time teenage mothers. It is a nurse-delivered, intensive, home-based intervention which aims to improve pregnancy outcomes; child health and development; future school readiness and achievement; and parents' self-sufficiency.

The programme, based on theories of human ecology, attachment and self-efficacy, originates from 30 years of development and three large trials by Professor David Olds at the University of Colorado.

Consistent results have demonstrated improvement in women's antenatal health; reduction in children's injuries; fewer subsequent pregnancies; greater intervals between births; increase in fathers' involvement; increase in employment; reduction in welfare dependency; reduced substance use initiation and later problems; and improvement in school readiness.