Consultation on the Equality Act 2010

Date: 2nd July 2010
Category: Education, Leisure and Cultural Activities, Disabled children

The Scottish Government is launching a consultation to seek your views on secondary legislation that will enable the Additional Support Needs Tribunals for Scotland (ASNTS) to hear disability claims (harassment, victimisation and discrimination) cases in school education.

The ASNTS was established in November 2005 by The Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2004 (as amended by the 2009 Act) to hear cases involving children and young people with additional support needs who have a dispute with their Education Authority, which could not be resolved by less formal means. The Equality Act 2010 will extend the Tribunal's jurisdiction to also hear disability claims cases in school education, and Scottish Ministers must write secondary legislation detailing new rules of practice and procedure to enable the Tribunal to hear these cases. The Equality Act 2010 will have a staggered commencement. The sections that will make changes to the ASNTS are due to commence in January 2011.

  • End date: 24th September 2010

For more information, contact: Claire Killen at the Support for Learning Division Area 2B South Victoria Quay Edinburgh , EH6 6QQ