Aberdeen City Council - Youth Activities Small Grants Fund

Date: 12th July 2010

The aim of the Youth Activities Small Grants Fund is to support children and young people by enabling them to apply for a small amount of funding to help them develop and to take part in activities that might not otherwise be available for them.

The fund will offer young people opportunities to contribute to their own communities and to the life of the city. Successful applicants are likely to benefit in terms of gaining experience, confidence and skills.

The criteria have deliberately been left very open so that your application will be bound only by your own imagination but the following rules apply: children and young people must be actively involved in making the application and in the project idea, funding is not available for individuals; group members must live in Aberdeen; applicants must be voluntary, community and school groups working with children and young people aged 12-25 years; the usual maximum grant available is £1,500.

Deadline: 22 July and 28 September 2010.