What’s RIGHT brilliant in young people’s lives?

Date: 30th June 2010
Category: Respect for the views of the child, Education, Leisure and Cultural Activities

Tam Baillie, the Children's Commissioner wants to hear all about what matters to children and young people.

Can you support the children and young people you work with to tell him what is actually already around in Scotland that is just pure dead brilliant for children and young people? What makes their life good? It could be a service, it could be a person, it could be an experience, or a 'thing'.
The contributions will be showcased as a way of celebrating what's going well, and of emphasising what children and young people value.

Tam would like to find out what these RIGHT brilliant things are - in any way possible. Children and young people could make a film, write a letter, send a letter or email, compose a song, paint a picture, take a photograph, write a feature, produce a play, make an advert -the only limit is imagination...

These brilliant things can be sent in individually or as part of a group, and there are Wii consoles up for grabs too (although it's not a competition!).