Condemned - the reality of life for young people experiencing homelessness

Date: 16th March 2010
Category: Disability, Basic Health and Welfare

by Quarriers

The Quarriers Condemned campaign was developed by young people who use youth housing support services, to raise awareness of the reality of life for young homeless people in Scotland.

It covers:
1. Continuing use of substandard housing for young people
2. Complex benefits system
3. Empty house or empty pockets
4. Rural housing for young people

Campaign material includes a DVD ( featuring young people's stories.

The young people have now launched "Our Charter", setting out their aspirations for change. Things like
- Better information, that I can understand
- Housing in a decent condition, in a safe area
- Being helped to get furniture, not just given a set of keys
- Being treated with respect
- Joined up support from all the different agencies

The young people believe that it should be possible to make this happen but they need support from everyone - please to go to their dedicated website to find out about Our Charter and sign up in support here.