Free online training to support Scotland’s Charter for a Tobacco-free Generation

Date: 22nd August 2020 to 22nd December 2020
Time: Various times
Location: Online

ASH Scotland is offering free online training to any organisation working with children, families, young people or disadvantaged adults anywhere in Scotland. Training sessions can be based upon your choice of three modules or alternatively training can be themed into supporting parents and carers, smoking and young adults, and smoking and inequalities.

This training can be tailored to last from half an hour to an hour for staff and volunteer groups explore the relevance and impact of smoking to your service users or client group, how organisations can respond and what support is available.

Training sessions can be customised based upon choosing three of the following modules:

  • Scotland’s Charter for a Tobacco-free Generation
  • Supporting parents and carers to create smoke-free homes
  • Creating a tobacco- free school
  • Smoke-free college or university campuses
  • People who buy tobacco for young people
  • Raising the issue of smoking in youth work settings
  • Children and young people who are looked after
  • E-cigarettes and children
  • E-cigarettes and adults
  • Smoking and mental health
  • Young people, smoking and mental health
  • Smoking and finances
  • Smoking and medications
  • Smoking and cannabis

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