Abused Men in Scotland (AMIS)

Abused Men in Scotland (AMIS)


The objectives of AMIS are:

- To support men who are experiencing or who have experienced domestic abuse and also to offer advice to those concerned about the position of such men and their children.

- To work with any man over 16 concerned about domestic abuse, regardless of sexuality, transgender status or history, age, dis/ability, religion, race, nationality or ethnic origin.

-To advance education by distributing educational information relating to; undertaking training and research in; and raising public awareness of domestic abuse experienced by men and their children.

-To promote full recognition for male victims of domestic abuse and their affected children.

-To promote specialist services to help relieve the isolation, distress and hardship faced by male victims and enable men and their children to recover from domestic abuse.

-To advance the equality, safety, dignity, and health (both physical and mental) of male victims of domestic abuse.

-To promote early intervention and prevention of domestic abuse.