Permanence And Care Excellence in Aberdeen

Authors: Centre for Excellence for Looked after Children and Scottish Government
Category: Looked after children

8th December 2015

Practitioners in Aberdeen have been using improvement methodology in the Permanence And Care Excellence (PACE) programme to reduce drift and delay and bring about better outcomes for looked after children.

What is PACE?

The PACE programme began in January 2014 and aims to reduce drift and delay for looked after children in achieving permanence using a whole system approach. PACE supports local authorities and their partners in health, Children's Hearings, SCRA and the Courts, to develop improvement projects that look across the whole of a child's journey to permanence and to identify delays, blockages and difficulties and test changes to address these.

PACE has been developed with the belief that improvement should put children and young people at its heart and should focus on the needs of each individual child and how they can achieve permanence, rather than on the needs and requirements of the different systems involved.

The programme is delivered in partnership between Scottish Government and the Permanence and Care Team (PaCT) at CELCIS.