NCB (UK): Getting children involved in shaping local health services

Author: National Children's Bureau
Categories: Basic Health and Welfare and Respect for the views of the child

28th June 2013

The National Children's Bureau (NCB) is launching a new resource for local Healthwatch bodies, designed to help them harness the experiences of young users of the health and social care systems.

'Bringing Children and Young People to the Heart of Healthwatch' presents the lessons learned from a three year project that worked with 75 Healthwatch Pathfinders and LINKs (the patient involvement scheme that preceded Healthwatch) to find effective ways of involving children and young people in local health and social care services.

The need to engage with younger patients was highlighted at Healthwatch England's recent national network conference.

Recognition of the need to engage with younger patients is representative Article 12 of the UNCRC; for State Parties to assure to the child who is capable of forming his or her own views the right to express those views freely in all matters affecting the child.

The views of the child should be given due weight in accordance with the age and maturity of the child.