Child poverty: European Parliament adopts long overdue resolution

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8th December 2015

Together welcomes the adoption of the European Parliament Resolution Reducing inequalities with a special focus on child poverty. The resolution, adopted by large majority, is the formal endorsement of the 2013 European Commission Recommendation 'Investing in Children: Breaking the cycle of disadvantage'. This is the first European Parliament resolution specifically on child poverty since 2008.

"This resolution has been long overdue but is even more welcome now" - said Jana Hainsworth, Eurochild Secretary General. "Since the crisis we have experienced a drastic increase in child poverty levels across Europe. This is unacceptable. Those 26 million children who face the risk of poverty and social exclusion on a daily basis need to be heard by EU decision-makers."

The resolution calls for a roadmap to help EU Member States implement the Commission Recommendation. It recommends establishing EU and national (sub)targets for reducing child poverty and developing indicators to measure children's well-being. It recommends establishing EU and national (sub-) targets for reducing child poverty and developing indicators to measure children's well-being. The resolution urges Member States to make use of EU tools such as the Europe 2020 and the European Structural and Investment Funds.

"Ending child poverty requires resources. All existing funds and policies must work together to guarantee all children, equal access to quality health, education, care so that they can reach their fullest potential", says Ms Hainsworth.

"The resolution is a reflection of the European-wide need to put children at the heart of policy-making. It echoes the messages of the Written Declaration on Investing in Children, which already has the support of one third of all MEPs", added Ms Hainsworth.

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