Confidentiality, information sharing and the Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill: a briefing

Category: Civil Rights and Freedoms

23rd July 2013

NSPCC have produced a briefing on the information sharing proposals in the Children and Young People Bill, in partnership with SCCYP, CELCIS and cl@n child law.

The briefing looks specifically at the new information sharing duty for public bodies and service providers in the Bill, which would introduce a radical change in the existing information sharing provisions. The change will involve significantly lowering current accepted information sharing thresholds and broadening the grounds for such information sharing to concerns in all areas of a child's wellbeing, as defined in GIRFEC policy.

The Scottish Government has not consulted on these new proposals, which may result in changed confidentiality arrangements for services, which heavily rely on confidentiality. This may put vulnerable children at risk.

Given the complexity of this issue, it is important that as many organisations as possible highlight the potential conflict between the information-sharing provisions in the Bill, and children's right to privacy and confidentiality, to ensure that these matters are given full consideration by the Education and Culture Committee during Stage One.

If you haven't already responded to the call for evidence, NSPCC would be grateful if you raise this issue in your response. If you are not planning to submit a full response to the Committee, please consider submitting a brief note to them outlining concern around this issue.

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