Raising children with confidence: training parents, carers and staff

Categories: Basic Health and Welfare and Family Environment and Alternative Care

27th March 2013

The Growing Confidence initiative aims to promote positive mental health and emotional wellbeing by training parents, carers and practitioners to run Raising Children With Confidence courses, and will now run Scotland-wide.

This will enable practitioners to become licensed to offer 'Raising Children With Confidence' (RCWC) courses to parents/carers in their local areas.

The RCWC course promotes positive mental health and emotional wellbeing in parents/carers and their children. Of the 879 parents/carers who have taken part so far:

  • 92% thought that their understanding and awareness of factors that affect children's mental health and wellbeing had improved, and
  • 92% thought it had a positive impact on their relationships with their children.

For further information on the growing confidence development programme and courses, click here

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