GUS Sweep 7 questionnaire content consultation

Category: Family Environment and Alternative Care

8th August 2011

Next year, Growing Up in Scotland is returning to interview families with children in the original birth cohort. The GUS team are now developing the questionnaire that will be used for the interviews when the children are almost 8 years old and they would like to give you the opportunity to have a say on the topics and type of questions they should include.

For information, please see a Topic Guide which lists the information collected during the previous 6 Sweeps of data collection with our original birth cohort.

Please return the completed form by email to GUS team at ScotCen by Monday 15th August.

If you have any questions, please contact the GUS team at ScotCen, on the above email address, or on 0131 228 2167, or e-mail Wendy van Rijswijk or call 0131 244 0322.


About Growing Up in Scotland:

Growing Up in Scotland is a longitudinal study that follows the lives of three cohorts of Scottish children from the early years, through childhood into adulthood. GUS provides information to support policy making and is also a broader resource for academics, the voluntary sector and other interested parties.

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