Early Years Assistance, Best Start Grant

Category: Social security and childcare

29th March 2018

Scottish Government are seeking views on the Early Years Assistant (Best Start Grant) Regulations with the aims of identifying any gaps, issues, or unintended consequences.

As part of the devolution of new social security powers to Scotland in 2016, the Social Security (Scotland) Bill will create a form of assistance entitled 'Early Years Assistance', an equivalent to the Sure Start Maternity Grant which was established in Westminster. The Early Years Assistance will be delivered in the form of a new benefit called the Best Start Grant (BSG).

Under proposed eligibility, BSG will reach the majority of lone parent households, workless households, households with no full-time work, people in the bottom three income deciles.

The Scottish Government have developed regulations for the BSG which they are seeking views on.

Children from Children's Parliament will be consulted for their views on the BSG to ensure the views of children and young people are heard throughout the consultation process.


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