Sentencing Young People: Report on Scottish Sentencing Council Conference

Category: Children in conflict with the law

5th September 2017

The Scottish Sentencing Council announced in its Business Plan for 2015-18 that one of the first sentencing guidelines to be developed would focus on the sentencing of young people. This report sets out the main topics raised and discussed during stakeholder engagement.

In considering the new sentencing guidelines, the Scottish Sentencing Council committed to wide stakeholder engagement to inform its development. They held a conference on 28 April 2017 to listen to and learn from a variety of organisations and individuals with an interest in the sentencing of young people. This report sets out the main topics discussed and points raised by delegates at the conference. The work to develop a guideline on sentencing young people is still at a very early stage and the Scottish Sentencing Council intend to use the information gathered at the conference to inform further consideration of the topic in due course.

Organisations and individuals from across the justice sector and beyond were represented at the conference, including key criminal justice organisations, third sector bodies, and academics.

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