Humanists and Scottish Government agree to ‘hit pause button’ on court challenge

Categories: Education, including vocational education, Freedom of association and peaceful assembly and Respect for the views of the child

15th November 2016

Humanist Society Scotland has agreed with the Scottish Government to pause its current legal challenge regarding the rights of young people to opt out of religious observance in schools.

Court action has been paused for three months following an agreement from the Scottish Government to launch a consultation on updating the guidance to Head Teachers to give young people a voice in process when discussing their participation in Religious Observance.

Gordon MacRae, Chief Executive of Humanist Society Scotland, commented:

"It is a step in the right direction that the Scottish Government have agreed to revisit its guidance for schools on the basis of a wider recognition of children's rights. By agreeing to launch a new consultation Scottish Ministers for the first time are making it possible for young people to have a voice in the process."


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