Young people in post-referendum Britain

Categories: Civil Rights and Freedoms, Right to life and survival and development

26th July 2016

The Child Rights International Network - a global research, policy and advocacy organisation - have suggested that young people in the UK might benefit from advice and support when it comes to making sense of a post-referendum Britain.

CRIN highlights some adult behaviour in the wake of the vote as setting a bad example for children and young people. For example, there has been at least one incident of public racism and xenophobia targeted at a school and reports of hate crimes spiking after the referendum decision was announced.

CRIN has noted that additionally, many students from the European Union are now insecure about their futures, unsure whether or not they will be able to finish their education in the UK. As a result, the National Association of Head Teachers called on the government to give the public assurance that EU nationals will be allowed to continue their schooling without interruption.

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