Consultation on a Draft Code of Practice for Stop and Search

Category: Civil Rights and Freedoms

26th April 2016

This consultation asks for views on whether any changes should be made to a draft Code of Practice for Stop and Search before it comes into force.

Regarding Stop and Search as a tool, it is important to get the balance right between protecting the public and the rights of the individual. Therefore in March last year, the Scottish Government's Justice Secretary, Michael Matheson, asked John Scott QC, Solicitor Advocate, to chair an independent Advisory Group on Stop and Search. The Group was asked to develop a draft Code of Practice that would underpin how Stop and Search is used in Scotland.

The Advisory Group recommended that before the Code of Practice comes into force there should first be this consultation on a draft Code.

The Scottish Government want to know whether people think any changes need to be made to this draft Code before it comes into force.

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